An unspoken bond is shared between “experiencers” and when they are brought together, there is an unexplained sense of recognition that initiates the release of information that was previously locked away in their subconscious memories.

Therefore, our intention is to bring experiencers together and to investigate their claims of alien contact.  Each person may have a piece of a larger puzzle that, when assembled, could present a more complete picture of this phenomenon.

Our team members themselves are living with ongoing extraterrestrial encounters. Each has been driven by their encounters and the “awakening” to question their life goals, religious beliefs, relationships, and even their own sanity. Xperiencers founder Jim O’Connell created this organization to help others move past the fear and understand these encounters can be the most amazing events a human can experience.

The Xperiencers Team understands how it feels to be labeled “crazy.” In this politically-correct world we now live in, it’s still okay to attack, ridicule and humiliate those claiming alien contact, yet there is far more proof of alien life than there is for long standing religious beliefs.  This is why we hope to change public perception about those involved in alien contact and to remove outdated stereotypes.

Xperiencers investigations have three goals:

First, we want to make progress by looking for unique elements in each case we investigate.

Second, we hope to bring some peace and understanding to our fellow experiencers.

Last, is to change public perception about who experiencers are.

Each member of our Xperiencers team is living with ongoing alien encounters and they were guided to this work by their alien visitors.  It seems that the time has come, that these extraterrestrials wish to inform the people of our world about their presence and their activities, so they’ve chosen Xperiencers as the channel through which they will deliver their information.


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